Red Bull New York Dominates Early in the Season

Red Bull New York (my favorite MLS team) continues to dominate this season as they share first place in Eastern Conference with the Chicago Fire. Both teams are are 3-0-1. Let's hope they keep up the momentum!


Ten Commandments of Parenting

We had a baptism today at Redeemer, and it reminded me of the great responsibility that all Christian parents have toward their children.

Hopefully, those of you who are parents (or will soon be parents) will find the Ten Commandments of Parenting to be a helpful reminder of how we should go about teaching and discipling our children.


Cheesy Chicken Lips

Last night on the news, a lady was talking about eating "chicken lips" at the Anderson Soiree'. So, when Amy and I went to the festival today we bought a couple. We loved them! So, what are cheesy chicken lips? They are fried egg rolls filled with chicken, Wisconsin cheese, cream cheese, and a cheese sauce. If you're ever in Anderson and you want to try some, give me a call and we'll stop by Rick Tanner's and order a couple of chicken lips. You won't be disappointed.

A Little Less Skin

I played in an alumni soccer match at my old high school last night. Before the game started, I was a bit worried that I would run out of energy within the first 15 minutes. Yet, I faired pretty good, especially considering that we didn't have any substitutes.

Fortunately, I didn't break any bones during the game, but I am extremely sore today. Most of the soreness is is due to a slide tackle that I did during the game. Unfortunately, the slide-tackle resulted in the loss of a couple of layers of my skin. (Blood, grass, and dirt are not a very pretty sight.) The pain didn't come until about 3o minutes after we stopped playing, and it really kicked in when I had to wash it with soap and water. Ouch! (I'd post a picture but I am sure that none of you want to see that much of my leg!)

Just in case you're wondering, the game ended in a 3-3 tie.


Desiring God Pastor's Conference

The last 20 years of Desiring God Pastor's Conferences audio files are available online for free. (HT: Justin Taylor). DGM is one of the most generous ministries I know of. They have made so many resources (books, audio, etc.) available to the public for free. Praise the Lord for their service to the Church.


Dark Roast

It seems that the more coffee I drink, the stronger I like to have it. (I think Starbucks has contributed to this condition.) Yesterday, I made a pot of coffee that I thought tasted great. But Amy had to put half coffee and half water because she said that I made it too strong. I think she said it was like drinking tar.


Last Week and Today

Last week was really busy--a good busy. I painted a fence for my parents on Monday. I was sick on Tuesday. I substituted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Spent the afternoon on Friday with Patrick. Finished my sermon on Saturday. Preached at Redeemer on Sunday. Then, Daniel and I ate pizza and watched Firefly while Amy was at the Women of Redeemer meeting.

Even though last week was great, I'm glad that this week's schedule isn't quite so packed. I spent today relaxing with my family. We spent a couple of hours at the YMCA playing basketball, exercising, and swimming. (I think this was the first time Adalynne has been in a pool.)

Tonight, Amy went to finish glazing some of her pottery. Then, she went with some of her friends to Sulivan's Metropolitan Grill to celebrate her birthday. So, I'm currently hanging out with the girls (feeding Adalynne and watching Monsters, Inc. with Alora). It's been a good day.


Adultery of the Heart

Please pray for me as I prepare to preach this Sunday. The text will be Matthew 5:27-30.


Happy 24th Birthday Amy!


Carnal Appetites

In case you have never heard of it before, be sure to check out Salvo magazine. The current issue, "The Way of All Flesh: A Culture Consummed by its Carnal Appetites," deals with our obsession with sex and all things explicit. If you don't think that pornography is a big problem, at least take a few minutes to read the first article "Porn in the USA" by John Coleman. It's eye-opening!


The Ringing Bell

I'm excited! Derek Webb has a new project called The Ringing Bell. This time, he didn't stop at making music...he also made a graphic novel. (I'm sure that my friend Daniel will appreciate Webb's artistic flare.) Anyway, if you can't wait until May 1st to get the album, then preorder the album and book for $20 and get free downloads of all the songs now!

No Chic-Fil-A on Sunday

When Amy and I were driving to Virginia on Sunday, we were looking for somewhere to eat. Then, I saw a sign for Chic-Fil-A, and said, "Let's eat there." Then, I remembered that it isn't open on Sunday. Why is it that I always crave Chic-Fil-A on Sunday?