Reformed Basics

If you'd like to get a basic idea of what it means to be a Reformed Christian, this may be a great place to start. You can purchase all the volumes together ($17.55) or individually(appox. $2 - $3).


ESV Study Bible

If anyone is looking for a great study Bible, may I suggest the new ESV Study Bible? While at the Desiring God conference, they gave each of us samples ( of the gospel of Luke), and it really is a great resource. Not only do you get a wonderful translation (the ESV is my favorite), but you also get top-notch conservative scholarship in the study notes. Be sure to order it here, because they have the best book prices and shipping rates.

Thanks to the Secret Readers

This weekend Amy and I had an opportunity to eat dinner with friends from NC. During our conversation, Scott mentioned that he read my blog on a regular basis. I never knew that Scott read my blog...this makes Scott (and others like him) part of my "secret readers" group. (This probably accounts for most of the people who actually read my blog...all 10 of you.) These are people that read here often, yet never make any comments. So, for all of you secret readers out there, thanks for stopping by! Lately, I'm sure that you've noticed my lack of blogging. Thanks for sticking around anyway. Hopefully I'll write something worthwhile every once and a while.