Last Week and Today

Last week was really busy--a good busy. I painted a fence for my parents on Monday. I was sick on Tuesday. I substituted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Spent the afternoon on Friday with Patrick. Finished my sermon on Saturday. Preached at Redeemer on Sunday. Then, Daniel and I ate pizza and watched Firefly while Amy was at the Women of Redeemer meeting.

Even though last week was great, I'm glad that this week's schedule isn't quite so packed. I spent today relaxing with my family. We spent a couple of hours at the YMCA playing basketball, exercising, and swimming. (I think this was the first time Adalynne has been in a pool.)

Tonight, Amy went to finish glazing some of her pottery. Then, she went with some of her friends to Sulivan's Metropolitan Grill to celebrate her birthday. So, I'm currently hanging out with the girls (feeding Adalynne and watching Monsters, Inc. with Alora). It's been a good day.


Travis said...

Cool man, sounds like a good week. I stayed up almost all night 2 nights last week, for no good reason either. I need to quit drinking so much coffee at night.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Yeah, I drink way too much coffee at night. I probably drink too much coffee in general, but I don't foresee any reduction at this point.