Off to Charleston

We're getting ready to go to Charleston in about an hour. Thanks you again for your prayers and support.



Her womb is silent and bare.
The flickering heart has been removed,
And I feel that mine has as well--at least for the moment.
Yes, Darkness has quietly wrapped itself around me
And Sadness and Uncertainty have become my companions.
Yet, I will not fear.
For I know that You are sovereign, wise and good.
I am certain that even this Darkness has a perfect place in Your plan--
And in my life.

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone for the many emails, cards, and phone calls in regard to Amy's miscarriage and Alora's surgery. You will never know how encouraged (and blessed) we have been by your thoughtful words and prayers.


Sad Family News

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything, but the last fews days have been very challenging. On Wednesday Amy noticed that she was spotting a bit, but this is often a common occurance during pregnancy. Yet, we wanted to make sure that everything was okay, so we went to a local hospital on Thursday. Unfortunately, the hospital's ultrasound technition had left before we could see her. So, after doing some blood work, we went home. Then, early on Friday morning (2:00 am) Amy woke up because she was cramping. When we went to the restroom, we found out that Amy was bleeding more heavily, so I drove her to the hospital. Sadly, we found out that Amy had had a miscarriage. After checking Amy out, we finally returned to her parents house at 9:30 am.

It is always difficult to cope with the loss of a child, but the loss has come at during a very difficult point in our lives (I am mainly referring to Alora's upcoming open heart surgery). During this time, Amy and I have continued to draw close to God, although we do not understand why has allowed these events to come into our lives. We know that God can see the big picture--the full scope of our lives and His purposes-- and He is in control; therefore, we will continue to cling to His love,mercy and wisdom.

Although we know that God always does what is right, just and best, this does not mean that we always like what He does. Yet, I believe we must respond as Job who blessed God, even in the face of great loss. We must shout forth that God is the giver and taker of life. In light of this truth, we cry out for God to sustain Alora's life throught the upcoming surgery. We pray that we will be able to see her grow, thrive, and live a long life--a life dedicated to Him.

Will you please joing me in prayer for our family? May God strengthen and enable you to serve Him with boldness daily!