A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss...

Busy, busy, busy. I can't think of a more appropriate word to describe last week (and the next three.) Although I had a nice time with my parents at the beach last week, I am very tired. We got home on Thursday evening, and I had to begin work a few hours later. And since I have to be in Camden (for Cecil's wedding) on Thursday, I am having to work six days in a row (12+ hours a day) in order to make-up for missing my regular shift. Then, after the wedding, we'll be with Amy's family for most of the next week. When we finally return home, Amy's mom will be visiting (since she is back from Hawaii while Chris is overseas), and we'll be moving to Anderson.

Eric takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

Although things are very busy, God is daily supplying us with strength. Thanks to those of you who have emailed me in order to let me know that you've been praying for me. Keep praying, and we'll keep moving by God's grace.


On Being Presbyterian: Chapter One

Patrick has put forth a review of chapter one (God Is King: The Sovereignty of God) of Lucas' book, On Being Presbyterian. I will be adding a few thoughts in regard to this post soon, so be sure to keep checking back. Here is a link to the chapter one review.


Guest Blogging

Over the next few weeks, I'll be blogging (along with Patrick Miller and Greg Henry) at In Through the Front Door. Specifically, we'll be reviewing Shawn Michael Lucas' book On Being Presbyterian: Our Beliefs, Practices, and Stories. I'll be sure to link to the specific blog entries as soon as they are posted.

For now, you can read Patrick's entry which explains what we hope to accomplish as we review the book.

Or if you'd really like to interact with our discussion, buy the book and read/discuss it with us!


Clarifying Calvinism

There is often a lot of confusion in regard to the beliefs of those of us who are Calvinist. For some people, their temperature begins to rise with the very mention of the word "calvinist." So, if you are among those who dislike calvinism or if you just want to know what calvinism is (and isn't), then you may find the following link to be helpful: Some Things Non-Calvinist Should Know About Calvinist


The Taboo of Breast Feeding

This morning I came across a blog entry on Challies.com that caught my attention. Apparently, Victoria's secret was recently the target of a "nurse-in" protest" because several women were prevented from breastfeeding their children while in the store. Does anyone else sense any twisted irony here? Near the end of his blog entry, Challies strikes at the heart of the issue:
It shows something about our society, I think, that we will gladly tolerate breasts when they are in the context of sexuality, but not when they are in the context of child-rearing. Somehow, over the past couple of decades, public breastfeeding has become taboo. Stores and restaurants routinely demand that breastfeeding moms take their babies to the bathrooms to nurse them there. More and more people seem to regard it as unnatural or disgusting. Victoria's Secret can plaster the store windows with huge posters of nearly-naked women with their breasts almost fully exposed, but when a woman sitting inside the store discreetly latches her child to a breast, it is regarded as exhibitionism.
This issue really strikes a nerve within me because while my wife was breast-feeding our daughter, people often treated her as though she was doing something wrong or inappropriate. Hogwash! If the baby's hungy, feed it! (And no, she will not do it in the bathroom. Why not? Well, would you like to feed your child in the same room where some lady just "emptied" herself? Need I say anymore?) Now, don't get me wrong. Women should be discreet when breastfeeding, but let's not treat them like they are commiting a crime. For those of us who are Christians, this Victoria's Secret breastfeeding incident should remind us that we live in a sinful world where people like to trade what is natural and good for something that is unnatural and dispeasing to the Lord. I guess the world is more content with feeding our sinful natures than with feeding our crying babies.

Challies full blog entry is available here.


Goodbye Temporary Status

Well, I am no longer working for a temporary employment agency because I was hired by Rockwell Automation this week. Yeah! Here are a few of the benefits of my new employment status: higher pay, paid vacation, health/dental/life insurance, etc. Praise the Lord because these blessings flowed from His bounty.


Contentment and Discouragement

While reading through the first few chapters of Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry: A Personal and Practical Guide to Starting Right, I came across a few quotes that I found helpful:

*On pursuing contentment...

"If you want to survive, pursue being content with where God has you and the gifts you've been given. Stop looking over your fence into your neighbor's yard, and thank God he's using you where he has you. You've heard the adage, The grass is greener on the other side'? The truth is, the grass is greener where it's watered. So start watering your own grass" (Doug Fields, 35)

*On dealing with discouragement...

"It's easier to avoid people when we're discouraged than to invite them into our pain. We're taken by lies like, 'I can't let people see me this way,' 'Others don't want to see me this way,' and 'I can handle this myself.' I'm lonely because I avoid brothers and sisters in Christ--those I need the most and who are best able to help me. What I need the most, I tend to avoid the most" (Doug Fields, 47).

"I can't expect to be like Jesus and only experience his joy, peace, wisdom, and power. He'll also let me feel discouragement, frustration, sorrow, and heartache--just like he does" (Steve Gerali, 48).


Where's Baldo When You Need Him?

Today, I was once again reminded that genuine friendships are a blessing from the Lord. I am so fortunate to have friends with whom I can pray, discuss, cry, and laugh. I am glad that there are others who can help you find Baldo when you need him. I realize that 99% of you are confused by the last sentence. Sorry, ask me sometime about it and I might explain.