I know I'm a little behind with blogging and notifications but....last Sunday I preached at Redeemer Church. The sermon is part of our Genesis series, Sovereign. You can check out the sermon here. The text is Genesis 18:1-15 and the sermon is entitled "Impossible."

I also preached today, but the audio isn't available yet. I'll put up a link when it's available.


Back to Class

My seminary classes began yesterday (Old Testament I and New Testament I) and continue today (Greek III). I'm also taking a directed study (Contextual Theology) for missions credit. It has been a blessing to catch up with my classmates that I haven't been in contact with since the Spring semester. As far as classes go, I had a great time yesterday, and I'm looking forward to Greek tonight. This month is a busy one (new baby, school begins, preaching on two Sundays, traveling during two weekend, etc.) but I'm relying on God's grace in order to sustain me.


My First Bible

While Amy and I were cleaning out our garage today, I came across my first Bible. It's a small, black, King James Version Bible that has my name engraved on the cover. My parents gave me the Bible on Christmas Day 1987. The cover has broken away from the pages but it's still in pretty good condition considering that it's over 20 years old.

As I think back over my childhood, I am so thankful that my parents loved God and desired for me to have a passion for Him and His Word. By God's grace, that passion took root in my heart at a very early age, and I am amazed that I am His child.