Home...For Real This Time.

Well, we are finally settled in at our new home in Anderson, SC. (That means that we no longer have boxes sitting all around our house!) Moving is always such a strain, both financially and physically. Yet, the Lord has been gracious to us in so many ways. We were truly blessed to havethe help and support from family and friends. Honestly, we wouldn't have been able to pull it off without their help with the move, especially considering that Amy is pregnant. Hopefully, now that we are moved, I'll be able to get back to blogging with some regularity. But, we'll just wait and see.


Home Again...Sort of.

After our three weeks of traveling (visiting family, a wedding, the beach, etc), we finally returned home Wednesday. Yet, we will be moving to our new apartment in Anderson this Wednesday. So, we still aren't home quite yet.

Also, Amy and I found out today that we will be having another girl. She is due on November 29th. We are so excited about having another child. That's one more arrow for the quiver.