A Lord's Day Prayer of Praise

Merciful, Sovereign Savior:

We praise you for your sinless life.
We praise you for your selfless death.
We praise you for your glorious resurrection.

May your Name be glorified among Your people
throughout the nations.

We acknowledge that You are God
and there is no other!
There is nothing greater than You!
You are our Creator and Savior.
Apart from You, we are hopeless.
We come before You today,
To worship you alone.

Guide us as we seek to love you with--
heart, soul, mind and strenth.
Enable us to worship you--
in spirit and in truth.

Praise to the Father!
Praise to the Son!
Praise to the Spirit!

Let all the peoples praise you.



Jon said...

Hey Eric haven't been able to talk to you in a while hows it going?

Eric said...

Overall, life is going good. At work, things have been a bit difficult. Working third shift isn't very enjoyable, especially considering that I work 12-hour shifts. I really don't get to spend a lot of time with Amy and Alora during the three days I work, because I have to sleep during the day. I am praying that I will be able to find a better job (that pays better and allows me to work during the day).

I'd love to talk with you. Maybe we can get together now that you're out of school. When are you available?