Honor Your Father...But Not That Way.

Fathers Day is quickly approaching and the stores are trying to convince us that we need to buy some "fatherly" products so that each of us can honoring our fathers. Hopefully, we understand that honoring one's father involves much more than giving them a gift. But if you do plan on purchasing something for your father this year, please avoid giving them something stupid. For instance, just the other day I saw a "Father's Day Tire Gage," which was inscribed with a bible verse. Now, don't get me wrong...I love the bible, and tire gages are useful when you need to....ugh....check tire pressure, but who wants to get a tire gage for Father's Day? Nothing says "I love you" like tire gage! Also, please avoid any gifts that are related to the "Left Behind" series (like the book pictured above). If you don't understand why I wrote the last sentence, then please disregard my anti-dispensational-left-behind-dry-humor. LaHaye for president!

*Note* Just in case you didn't pick up on it, this post was supposed to be funny. If you didn't laugh, I am sorry. I'll try harder next time.


Cecil said...

I'm not the first to question it, just the first to say it...you have lost your salvation. Just kidding...maybe.

jon said...

wait a minute what?

Eric said...

There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding this post, so let me clarify a few things:

First, this post was supposed to be funny. Apparently my humor is a bit too subtle.

Second, my standing before the Lord has not been jeopardized by this post. I am firmly planted in Jesus Christ. (And Cecil, I assumed that you were joking.)

Thirdly, it is true that I do not agree with the interpretive framework of dispensational thinkers, yet I wholeheartly consider them to be fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fourtly, I do not want Tim LaHaye to be president, and he probably wouldn't want to be president anyway.

Fifty, I really do think that a tire gage is a dumb gift.

Patrick Miller said...

thanks for the laughs