Starbucks Doubleshot

Unfortunately for me, drinking a Starbucks doubleshot at 9:30 pm turned out to be a big mistake. It is currently 1:45 am, and I am typing on this blog entry instead of sleeping. Granted, I did attempt to go to bed at 1:00, but Amy kicked me out of the bed because I was tossing and turning too much. So, here I am...wide-eyed and feeling fully rested. Sadly, I am certain that I will not feel very rested in the morning...especially when I remember that my alarm clock is set for 6:45! The Starbucks website states that the doubleshot is a,
"wonderfully delicious blend of authentic Starbucks expresso,
mellowed with just a touch of cream. Perfect for morning, noon, or night, Starbucks Doubleshot delivers the boost and inspiration you need when you need it."
The people at Starbucks are right: the drink is wonderfully delicious and it delivers a boost. Unfortunately, I didn't need a boost or inspiration, but I guess I got a little of both .

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