Free Steak at Rockwell!

So...even though I have only worked at Rockwell Automation for three weeks, they decided to hold a dinner in my honor. They chose to serve me steak, baked potatoes, cake, and sweet tea...and because I am so kind, I decided to share the food with all of my co-workers. They also gave me a plaque with the following inscription:

"Because of your many days of devoted service, we crown you king of the Pack and Paint division. Long, live Eric."

Okay, so I did eat free food...everything else was a lie. They gave us free food because the company has gone for 8 years without a loss-time accident. (What that means is that no one has died or cut off any of their arms during the last 8 years) Well, now that you know the truth, I am sure that you can appreciate my fantasy-story...since it was much more entertaining.


LiuMai said...

What's wrong with you, man! Posting photos of food I can't get...really. Actually, that much meat looks gross, so it's not so bad. Later.

Eric said...

Yeah...I believe that is a 72 oz. steak. Can you image eating something that big? Sick!

jon said...

Eric I thought the story was true at first. But then you gave your disclaimer. Then again I'm a bit gulliable. Is that how you spell gulliable?

Rebecca said...

So i've slowly stopped eating beef, but I think that this picture is going to make me swear off beef for Every!So I kinda thought the story was real too.