Blog Name Change

So, I am thinking of changing the name of my blog. Why? Although I still think that "Musings of a Missional Madman" is clever, I am growing tired of the alliteration. So, this is where you come in...if you have any suggestions for a new name for my blog or if you think I should keep the same name, please respond in the comment section.

Also, as you can see, I am still not a sleep. At this rate, I won't even get any sleep tonight. Stupid Doubleshot!


LiuMai said...

How about..."Don't question my right to be a Presbyterian" or "Amy's Man" or...no, that's it. Just kidding, by the way. Christ before Calvin, peeps. I'm out.

jon said...

Eric I love you man I laugh everytime I think of you up at your house at 3 in the morning caused by a Starbucks buzz. It was good seeing Amy and you(and Alora) Sunday we need to get together again. Sorry man but due to my inconsitent imagination I can't think of a new name for your forum. But if I think of something you'll be the first to know.