The New Normal

Over the last weeks our home has been filled with family and friends. Amy's sister Ashley visited for a weekend. Her youngest sister Tiffany stayed with us for about a month. Jerry, Vivian, and Jeremy visited us right after Ann-Marie's birth. And Theresa has been with us for the last two weeks. (Of course my parents have visited too, but since they live 30 minutes away they can visit more often.) We have been blessed by the assistance and presence of family. They have certainly helped more than we can express. (And I haven't even mentioned all of the friends who have provide meals, diapers, prayer, gift certificates, and much more. Thank you!) After we take Theresa to the airport tomorrow, Amy and I will begin living "the new normal."

So what is the "new normal" for us? We'll a number of things will remain the same. I'm still ministering at Redeemer and working toward an M.Div. at Erskine. Yet, with the addition of Ann-Marie a new dimension has been added. We are now a family of five, with the girls in a permanent majority! (A four-to-one ratio to be exact.) Although we have been parents for over three years, as a new child enters into the mix (and the others grow older) the dynamics of family life shift. While there will certainly be challenges, the first word that comes to my mind is "blessing." My wife and daughters are a blessing in my life. I couldn't imagine life without them. In my opinion, the "new normal" is a beautiful thing indeed!


Eric M. Ashley said...

I guess that I should add that the new normal will also involve consistent blogging once again.

Eric M. Ashley said...

And no, I haven't forgot about post pictures. (Thanks for the reminder Erynn!)