Thai Spice: Breaking the Curse?

At the corner of Fant St. and Greenville St. there is a little restaurant called Thai Spice. For those who have lived in the Anderson area for a while, you'll probably remember that this building has been the home of numerous restaurants such as Church's Chicken, Pita House, and Phoenix Grill. (I can't recall if any others have come and gone.) When I first noticed that a new restaurant was coming I thought to myself, "That building is cursed. No business ever survives there." Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the sign for Thai Spice. I assumed that it would meet the same sad fate as all the previous restaurants.

A few months ago Amy and I made our first trip to Thai Spice. Although we had heard a number of people talk about how great the food was, we didn't venture to Thai Spice until we were given a $50 gift certificate. Honestly, I was a bit surprised when I walked inside. What had once been a fast food type of setting had now been transformed into something much nicer. New tile, fresh paint, and lovely paintings helped to change the atmosphere. Yet, we were not only impressed by the improved surroundings but also by the food and service. The spring rolls, Pad Thai, and the sauteed broccoli and chicken were all very delicious. The vegetables were fresh and the meats were tender. For drink, Amy had sweet tea and I enjoyed the Thai tea. This drink is a blend of a special tea and cream. It's very sweet and unusual. The tea reminded me of yerba mate.

Since our first night at Thai Spice, Amy and I have enjoyed eating there on numerous occasions. If you haven't been to Thai Spice, I'd encourage you to go for lunch or dinner. I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you don't know what to order I recommend the following: Spring rolls or Crab Ragoon for appetizer; Beef Salad or Pad Thai for the main course; and Thai tea if you don't mind trying something a little different. (They also have a few unique imported beers, plum wine, and the usual drink fare.)

I believe Thai Spice has been around for about a year and it seems to be fairing well in the "cursed building." Maybe Thai Spice has finally broken the curse.

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