Test and Visit

Well, today I'll have my first Greek test of the semester. Last night a couple of my classmates and I sipped coffee and studied at E-City. I believe that I'm prepared but we'll have to wait and see if my grade reflects my belief.

Also, my dad is coming to hang out with me at Erskine today. He's coming to chapel, and we're going to eat at DeWitt's. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him.


Jennifer&Derrick said...

hello there, i randomly came to your blog because i typed my daughter's name Alora grace into google to see if our family website would come up and I found yours!

Nice to meet you.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Wow, that is neat! Another Alora Grace...I certainly didn't think that we'd ever meet another child with the name Alora. Where did you get the name Alora from?