Marrying the Right Woman

"My son, soon you will leave your mother and I in order to find a wife and start a family of your own."

"Yes father, I look forward to that day."

"As do I. But I must warn you because you must not choose a wife in haste. You must learn what kind of wife she will be. My son, there will be many women looking for your hand in marriage, but they are not all worthy to wed. There is only one that you should seek after."

"But how will I find her?"

"Her name is Wisdom, she will call to you on the street. She will raise her voice so that you will listen and come to her. My son, she is a remarkable woman. She is worth more than silver or gold, yes, more than precious jewels. All of her paths are pleasant and peaceful. She will guide you on the right path as long as you love and listen to her. She works with her hands, she feeds the poor, and you will be a great mother to your children. My beloved son, listen to my words and your mother's teaching: Lady Wisdom is the one whom you should marry."

"I will look for her, father."

"Wait my son. I must warn you about another women: Lady Wisdom is not the only one who will call out to you. There is another who will speak to you with smooth words. Yet, every word from her mouth is a lie. Yes my son, she is beautiful...at first. But if you marry her, I will never see you again because she drags off her lovers and poisons them! None who go to her come back. She has married many times before and all her lovers have met the same fate: destruction. So, you must not listen to her words or look to her fleeting beauty. You must not marry her!"

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