Adventures in Camping

Last weekend our family went camping, and we had a wonderful time. For Alora and Adalynne, this was their first camping experience. Thankfully, we didn't have any major problems while we were camping (i.e. no one was bitten by a snake, etc.) Granted, I did run over Alora's potty and a box of supplies with the SUV within five minutes of arriving at our campsite...but the potty and the supplies survived. Well, here are some pictures from our trip:

Getting ready for the fire!

My beautiful girls sharing a beverage

Since we forgot the can opener, Amy had to stab a hole in the beans.

Roasting hotdogs and/or marshmallows

Alora stuffing her face with a marshmallow

Good morning Adalynne.

Alora hanging out in the tent.

Breakfast time.

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