Staring at a Tree

Okay, so here is a not-so-interesting-or-creative-story, but it should bring up a good point of discussion:

A man was walking home one day, when he noticed two women staring at a tree. The man was curious (and a bit nosy too), so he walked over to the ladies.

"Why are you staring at that tree," asked the man.

The short lady said, "we are having a debate over whether this tree was created by God or if it is the product of millions of years of evolution. I think that God created all things, including this tree."

"But I do not believe that God exists and I think that this tree is a product of chance," responded the tall lady.

The man was still puzzled: "Well, if both of you are looking at the same tree, why do you come to such different conclusions? You are both looking at the same tree aren't you?

"Of course we are looking at the same tree!" responded the ladies in unison.

Bewildered by the series of events, the man continued to make his way home, while the women continued to stare at the tree.

So, here is where the discussion comes in. If the women are looking at the same tree (i.e. they are observing the same "facts"), how do you explain their disagreement? What is the source of their differing opinions?


Amanda said...

Hi, I'm responding to a comment you left on my blog the other day. I don't mind you popping in at all! Thanks for your input. I never heard that there were two different types of birth control, like the doctor told you and your wife. Perhaps I need to look into that, because I'm not trying to kill any life, just prevent it at this point.

As for your story here, when this happens, usually it's because the two "ladies" are emphasizing different facts, drawing different conclusions from the same facts, learned from their parents/teachers what to think about those facts, or maybe one of them is just flat out wrong! But that's just what I think.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I asked my wife tonight about the two-types of birth-control, and she said that I'd given you the correct information.

Thanks for your input regarding the story.

Does anyone else have an opinion? I have a few thoughts, but I'll wait before responding.