Abortions and Scholarships

This morning, I came across an online article--"Clemson criticizes ESPN story on student-athelete abortions"-- from the Anderson Independent-Mail. The ESPN report focused on student atheletes (some of whom were from Clemson) who fear losing scholarships if they become pregnant. Some of the women say that the school's policy (i.e. “pregnancy resulting in the inability to compete and positively contribute to the program’s success will result in the modification of your grant-in-aid money.”) made them feel like they had no choice. So, some of them had abortions. When one student became pregnant she said:
'How could this happen?' she told ESPN. 'My career was going to end. I’m not going to go to the Olympics or get to finish my four years. I was just like, This is a dead-end road. You’re not going anywhere else.'
I am not really interesting in debating over whether or not the policy was good. But I do want to say this: As the previous quote shows, our society has mixed-up priorities, to say the least. It is a sad indication of the state of our world when we are willing to hold careers, scholarships, or aspirations as move valuable than the life of a child.

But as believers, we cannot be satisfied with merely pointing out the problems of the world. We must also be ready to engage the world with the gospel. Let us point our neighbors, friends, city, state, nation, and world to a new way of living. Let's take them the message of the cross. "But in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you" (1 Peter 3:15).

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rebecca said...

This is really sad to hear. Im mean, not only are they having abortions because they think its the only choice, but they are going around having sex in college anyways.

Even on TV they show women talking and telling each other how many abortions theyve had like its natural to have had them. Society is very screwed up to say the least.

From what Ive read on Jordans myspace its pretty clear that she is sleeping with her boyfriend. It makes me so sad to see where she was, and where she is now. Please continue to pray for her.

Luv yall very much!