Haiku and Hospitality

The table is set
Wine is flowing all around
Come and sit with us


Good friends and family
Gather around the table
Holding hands in prayer


A labor of love
Aroma rising to Him
Food fills each stomach


Feasting is so fine
Joy, laughter, and grace mingle
Worry falls away


Now it is your turn. Go to the comments section and add your own haiku about hospitality.


Amy said...

I have two haikus:

A glass of water
Quenches the thirsty, parched mouth
What joy it brings me

amy said...

okay...I only had one.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Just in case you forgot what a haiku is...or if you've never heard of haiku...or you didn't click on the link in this post...a haiku is a poetry form that consists of 17 syllables split into three lines (5,7,5).

Now that you know, be creative.

Bethany said...

Hot summer afternoon
An awesome time for the beach
Think I'll stay all day

(can you tell I'm not really a poetry person)

Eric M. Ashley said...

Bethany, you may not be into poetry, but thanks for participating anyway. It's good to get out of your comfort zone!