With the Eyes of My Child

I walked across the yard
But I did not notice
The orchestra of crunching and crackling leaves
That played beneath my feet.

And I did not stop to admire
The patch of cloves that quietly gathered
Beside the blooming Bradford Pear

I walked without notice or regard
For the beauty that called out to me
Until she grabbed me by the leg
And held the flower to my face.

I could see amazement sparkling in her eyes
And hear joy singing in her voice.

So, I stopped and looked out
Into a world that spoke of its Maker.
Yet, I did not see with my own eyes.
Rather, I watched the world with the eyes of my child.


Amy said...

This poem came shortly after a brief conversation that Eric and I shared about Alora. We were discussing just how precious it is to see Alora's amazement with everything around her. Life to her is so new and exciting, the simplest rock and most generic cloud in the sky seem to be a mystery that has just been revealed to her. I remember talking with my mom and her telling me that when I was a child that one day it seemed I just woke up and I was all grown up. The mystery and amazement of life had vanished from my eyes, the sparkle that once was there was gone. I remember that conversation so vividly and I fear the day when I no longer see that sparkle in Alora's eyes. But until that day I will soak up and revell in every little expression she makes. I will daily strive to make our Creator known by His awesome works that surround us. Thank you Eric for this beautiful poem, a poem that spoke exactly what my heart was saying.

Eric M. Ashley said...

I hope that Alora never loses the ae that I see on her face each day. Instead, I hope that each of us can regain our amazement in the greatness of our God.