Car + Tree = Bad News

Yesterday, Amy and I went to Greenville to hangout with some our friends from Roper Mt. Baptist. After getting some coffee at Starbucks, we were standing around and talking outside the coffee shop when we saw a girl hit a tree with her car. Now, I know that wrecks happen all the time. Certainly, there have been many wrecks involving cars and trees, but this particular wreck was a little strange because it happened in the drive-through lane of Burger King. Yes, as strange as it may sound, instead of turning left, the driver drove over the curb and ran into a tree.

Since we saw the wreck happen, Jonathan and I went to go see if we could help. When we got over to the car the girl started screaming, "You've got to help me. I have to get my car off of the tree!" So, we thought we'd help. (Granted, I was a little wary of helping push her car off of the tree considering she just had hit a tree, and her driving skills seemed to be a bit....well....lacking. I was worried that she might run over me next.) But I pushed my fear aside and went to go help her. But when we asked her to put her car in neutral, she said, "I don't know where neutral is!" Then, I thought to myself, "If she doesn't know where neutral is, this might explain how she managed to have a wreck in a drive-through lane."

A few seconds later, the girl began yelling, "I'm going to jail! I don't even have a license." At this point, I looked at Jonathan and said, "Yes, she is." And then we walked away.

Fortunately for her, some other people didn't care that she was a law-breaker or a bad driver. So, they helped her push her car off of the tree. Sadly, I don't think that she ever picked up her order. I know I always hate driving on an empty stomach.


jon said...

Yeah that honestly was a really sad site to see. Hopefully she learned her lesson about driving without a liscense...but not likely

rebecca said...

we went by that burger king the other day, and that tree is still just laying there...but dead.