Juice Cake

This afternoon Amy and I were talking about making a cheesecake. Alora overheard our conversation, and began saying, "I want juice cake. Mama. Daddy. I want juice cake." I tried to expain that I had said "cheesecake," but her mind was made up. "Juice cake please."


jon said...

lol that's awesome Eric. Yeah I haven't been able to read all of the Van Til book yet(it's like 700 something pages long), but I am thoroughly enjoying it. He's the man.

I don't know if you remember me telling you this or not but when you where here in Greenville I told you about my cousin's granddad who was an atheist. Last year he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. They gave him chemotherapy but it only made it worse, and last week he passed away. To my knowledge he did not accept Christ as his Savior before he died. So my cousin and his family are having a hard time with it right now so be in prayer for them. Thanks a lot Eric. Alright man talk to you later.

Eric M. Ashley said...

Wow. That really grieves me to hear about his grandfather. I do remember talking about him, and I will certainly pray for their family. Please let them know that Amy and I are praying for them.

jon said...

I will Eric that truly means alot to them and myself. Espeacially pray for their grandma who basically holds to the same believes that he did.

How are things going at Redeemer?

Eric M. Ashley said...

Things are going great. A guy that lives in our apartments named Charlie came to know the Lord about a week ago. He and his family are now goint to church with us. Also, we're just seen a lot of growth and kindness within the church body. It has truly been amazing. And, about 3 weeks ago we began having youth bible study at our house.

There's so much more that I could talk about...but I have to go right now.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Eric that is always great to hear of a lost sheep coming home! Guys I have some very sad news...the girls found out via myspace the Jordan(you know Trey's friends) is now an Atheist. It's very sad but I'm just reminded of the parable of the sower. Some receive the gospel with great joy then the world chokes them up. Please be in prayer for her.

In His love,

Eric M. Ashley said...

I just found her MySpace site. My heart is so heavy.