Hospitality. Brokenness.

Hospitality and the Early Church - Peter Leithart discusses the demanding,radical, self-sacrificing ministry of hospitality as it took place in the early church.

Brokenness and Buddies- Mark Driscoll discusses the struggles that come from life and ministry and how others have ministered to him. From his post:
A naturopath said I had overextended myself and worn out my adrenal glands (which regulate my sympathetic nervous system). The result of basically a decade of perpetual stress and a final taxing season was that I was exhausted all day—I literally had blurred vision and would fall asleep quickly only to wake up a few hours later, unable to sleep again. So, I have been conserving energy for my family and church, but some Sundays are brutal. I find myself nodding off on the side of the stage before one of the four services I preach live.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a wife of noble character.

Josh Culbertson said...

Eric, I'm glad you said hello. Great to read about the 2 little girls and the PCA church plant!

Eric M. Ashley said...

Thanks Josh. I'm glad we're back in contact again.