Christ and Culture Revisited

Well according to Mark Dever , Don Carson is at it again. Carson has just finished the manuscript for an upcoming book called Christ and Culture Revisited, and it should be out later this year. Dever writes:

In this book, Don interacts with everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Stanley Hauerwas. He has a great section on the central story-line of the Bible. As he says at one point in the manuscript: "much of the rest of this book can be read as a meditation on how a robust biblical theology tends to safeguard Christians against the most egregious reductionisms." Don has read not only widely, but carefully and with understanding. He expresses himself carefully, in a nuanced fashion, and yet clearly. Unlike some other academic popularizers today, Don shares his rich bibliography in a way that enables the reader to do further research if he or she wants to.
My own understanding has been sharpened. I've been introduced to some helpful ways to think. I've even found some good things for our church newsletter in this book!! Don Carson's new book promises to be helpful in a number of different ways.

In case you didn't know, Don wrote one of my favorite books, The Cross and Christian Ministry, as well as lots of other great books that I don't have time to name. So, I am sure that you can imagine my excitement.

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