A Late Night...Again.

*For some reason, I can't sleep tonight. So, I figured that I'd take advantage of my insomnia by reading and typing on my blog. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't seem to function at peak performance in the "wee hours of the morning" (or "wee hours of the night" if you prefer). So, please forgive me for any incorrect grammar, mispellings or any dumb comments that are present in this blog entry or those that may follow. Thank you for your patience. You are too kind (whoever "you" are).

*Well, in case you haven't noticed, I have attempted to update my blog by adding new sections to the sideboard. So, if you would like to know about the books I'm reading, the music I'm listening to or the movies I'm watching, just check out the links in the sideboard. If you don't care, then just ignore this entire paragraph. Yes, you can even ignore the sentence that you are currently reading...if that's really possible.

*In other random news, Amy and I just watch "Pride and Prejudice." (It's based on Jane Austen's book) It is definitely a chick-flick, but I loved it. (Yet, I still like the 6-hour mini-series better. I'd imagine that my friend Erynn would agree with me. We plan on watching a foreign film called Paradise Now sometime soon. It's about two childhood friends who are recruited for a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. I'll probably post about the movie after I watch it. ( Random Facts: I enjoy watching foreign and independent films. The last two foreign films I watched were Turtles Can Fly and Nobody Knows. )

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