Four Lovely Days...

Well, I am finished with my work week (as of 6:00 a.m). So, that means I have four days to enjoy with Amy, Alora and others. Surprisingly, I really love working 12-hour shifts...and I've adjusted well to 3rd shift.

Since I'm going to church this morning, I decided to try and stay awake until it's time to go. So far I'm feeling fine but we'll see how I'm doing at 12:30 today. I've been occupying my time so far by washing dishes and typing on this blog. Eventually I'm going to have to take a shower because I smell like grease and I have paint all over my arms.

Unfortunately, Amy is still sick. So, Alora and I are going to have to go to church without her. If you would, please pray for her because her morning sickness, allergies and virus have made her feel pretty horrible lately. (In case you have heard, Amy is pregnant! Yeah!)

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