Widows' Watchman Ministries

Since moving to Honea Path, SC, Amy and I have had the opportunity to become involved with Widow's Watchman Ministries. The focus and mission of this ministry is:
To meet the needs of area widows, to assist in the repair and maintenance from their hearts to their homes, to encourage the development of a healthy recovery, to maintain wholesome attitudes and meaningful self-worth through a relationship with Jesus Christ and participation in a continual learning and healing process of life.
This ministry reaches out 15 to 20 miles from the heart of Honea Path. (There are over 2,300 widows within a 7 mile radius of Honea Path!) This week we are being assisted by a Reformed University Fellowship group from Penn State University. If you would like to learn how you can become involved with this ministry, just leave your contact information in the comment section of this post. Or if you'd prefer, you can email, call or send smoke signals to Amy or myself.


jon said...

Sounds like a really good ministry. I don't know if I'll be able to go out there and help but I'll be prayin for you.

Eric said...

I wasn't talking about helping this week...I meant to contact me if you are interested in helping in the future. Maybe the youth from Roper can plan to come and help for a weekend. Then we could all hang out and minister together again!

arie lee said...

hey man i would love to help out with this ministry!! so yeah i have a xanga now it is raidergurl06! so yeah give me a call or something if you need help i am willing!! love yall ~arie lee

jon said...

Hey Eric! What's your phone number? I hope we can get together soon and do something. Give a shout out to me sometime and I'll try to shout back.