A Few Updates

Since it has been a while since I last gave any updates, I figured that now would be a good time. So, here we go:

*When we found out that we had to move in with my grandfather, we had to give Tozer away. (This was quite a sad time...especially for me...even though he was a bit psycho.) Since we have moved into our own place, we bought Alora a dog for her birthday. Her name is Addy. She is a mini pincher. She is calm and non-psycho. She likes to jump like a deer. I'll post some pictures soon.

*We are currently worshipping at Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Honea Path, SC. So, you may be wondering, "why are they going to a Presbyterian Church instead of a Baptist church?" Although that is a wonderful question, I do not have time to answer in detail because I have to help Amy wash dishes...so for now here are a few reasons why we are at Covenant right now: Reformed doctrine, expository preaching , a loving body of believers, a new church plant, opportunities to serve, close to where we live...etc.

*I still hope to begin seminary in the Fall...yet, I am not sure where I am going to go. Amy and I believe that the Lord may be calling us to stay in this area for a while. So, only time will tell.

*Alora has gained three pounds over the last month. (Thanks to the surgery.) She now weights 18 lbs! Also, her hair is getting much longer. She is so beautiful!

*Amy and I are currenlty doing a "Vegetarian Week." Why? We just wanted to try and eat healthier, so we cut out meat all together. We are currently on day number 5. And no, we are not going to be vegetarians forever because we still like meat...well...most meat.

*I am going to be leading a 3-night bible study for some college and career-age students this weekend. Please pray for me and the others as we study God's Word!


Jon said...

Wow you gave up meat for a week. If I gave up meat for a week 80% of my diet would be missing.

I'll be calling you within the next few days so we can get together. I didn't know you got a new job hoppe it goes well for you!

Eric said...

You'd be surprised at how easy it was for us to give up me. But you'd have a little more trouble I think. A lot of times we have simply replaced the meat with a meat substitute like veggie crumbles. (Trust me, they taste great!)

Yeah, I will be working at Rockwell Automation in Belton, but I am actually employed by a company called Manpower. I'll work for Manpower for a while so that Rockwell can see if I am a good employee. If they like my performance and they have a full-time opening, then I'll get hired by them. Confused? The plant manager of Rockwell Automation goes to church with me. So, he hooked me up with the job.

Jon said...

I'm glad your getting a job now and I know you'll be an excellent empolyee.

I have eatin the veggie crumbles before and it ain't half bad. I have had it with chili and it was ok.

jon said...

Thanks for your prayers Eric I really appreciate it. Hey you think you'd be able to do anything Thrusday between 1:30 and so on? Call me if your able to.