Her womb is silent and bare.
The flickering heart has been removed,
And I feel that mine has as well--at least for the moment.
Yes, Darkness has quietly wrapped itself around me
And Sadness and Uncertainty have become my companions.
Yet, I will not fear.
For I know that You are sovereign, wise and good.
I am certain that even this Darkness has a perfect place in Your plan--
And in my life.


Jon said...

"He gives and takes away but still I'm gonna say BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!"
Eric I love you man praise God he has given you supenatural strength during these times. I'm prayin' hard for Alora.

morgan said...

I love all you guys! Iam so prayin' for you and Alora! Il ove you guys so much! Amen to what jon said!

Parenting With Purpose said...

May our Lord grant you much help and comfort. We are praying for you!
In Christ with you,
The Austins