Thoughts About Moving

As Amy and I begin to box up our possessions and prepare to move from Greenville, I have been thinking about the time we have spent here. Although I am glad that the Lord is giving me an opportunity to go to seminary, I am still going to miss Greenville. This place has been our home for the last five years (and much longer for me.) Although we will miss the mountains and the city, we will mostly miss our family and friends.

In regard to family, I think that this move is going to be especially difficult for my parents because I am an only child, and this will be the first time in 23 years that I will be living more than an hour away from them. Yet, on the bright side, we will only be three hours away from Amy's family, as opposed to eight hours!

Amy and I will also be moving away from some of our friends. (Sanchez, are you ready to come visit us in NC? Travis and Abigail, we are truly going to miss hanging out with both of you on Sunday afternoons.) Yet, we will also be moving closer to other friends: Cecil (when he comes back to the States), Erynne, John, and Dawn.

I know that Amy and I will also deeply miss our church family. Over the last two and a half years we have grown so close to the youth and other members of Roper Mt. Baptist. It is sad to think that I will only have about three more Wednesdays to teach and fellowship with the youth before we move to Wake Forest.

Although Amy and I have so many things we want to say to each of the people who mean so much to us, those words will have to wait a few more weeks. But until then, please let these words linger in your ears:

We love you.


LiuMai said...

I can feel those sentiments. I'm already beginning to feel some myself as I prepare for my homecoming. These are the last days like this that I'll ever spend in China...no more Christmas or Thanksgiving with these people in China. But, when I think of what lies ahead...those awesome conversations...visits from best friends...some good kisses (not from you and Amy, though), etc...There's a sweet aftertaste to the sadness of leaving things behind. But I think we'll both find that we haven't really left those good things behind at all...they always have a way of coming back to us in unexpected ways. You and Amy are proof of that...and so is Erynn for that matter. What I thought were past seasons of blessing have turned out to be full of future blessing. We're going to be neighbors for goodness sake! I can't wait.

Erynn said...

So, I'm late reading this. And that makes me sad, because I wish (for a number of reasons) that this was all still true.
I SO love you guys, and I hope that God will still give us all a chance to be neighbors and hang out (and for our kids to play together).
But I'm so thankful that wherever you are, I have you as friends.
I love you guys.