TNIV Debate

I must admit that I am not very familar with the debate over gender-neutral translations such as the TVIV; therefore, I can not accurately make any conclusions/remarks at this time. But I do believe that we should seek to understand this debate. At this point let me offer a word of caution: as with any debate, we must listen to both sides of the debate. If we choose to draw all of our conclusions after only listening to those who are pro-TVIV (or vice versa), we run the risk of being misinformed (since both "sides" have biases and presuppositons). With that being said, I recently came across a Focus on the Family interview with Wayne Grudem (who is opposed to the TVIV). The mp3's are available for free here. Unfortunately, FOTF did not have anyone on the show that represented the other side of the debate. If you are interested in a reponse to Dr. Grudem, then you can find more information here. If you would like to add any insights into this discussion, I would appreciate your imput.

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