Bad Church Signs

Be sure to go to the Church Sign Generator website and check out the bad church signs. Although I laughed at many of the signs, I was also deeply saddened because most of the signs were unbiblical, shallow, and/or unloving. When churches use stupid signs like these, they only bring mockery to our faith! Here are a few examples from the website:

"AIDS cures sodomy"

"Go Bush Go, Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo"

"Real Dads Git- Er Done For God"

"Wal-Mart is not the only saving place"

"You give God the credit, now give God the cash"


Jon said...

Wow. Those signs are the exact opposite of how Christians should preach the gospel. Especially the AIDS one, though homosexuality is a sin we should not glory in the horrible effects of it.

Instead we has Christians should put,with love, a sign that says Christ cures sodomy.

Sometimes I think Christians forget they are sinners and mock those who aren't saved.

Arie Lee said...

reading signs like those make me sad because when non believers read signs like them then they end up getting the wrong impressions of the way that we as christians should act and the real meaning of being a christian!!!!!

Exhomeless-Guy said...

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