There's always a lot of build-up before the holidays--whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or any other holiday. The stores roll out the merchandise, people sometimes wear themed clothing, and homes are decorated. Yet, as soon as the holiday is over, changes are made to get ready for the next big holiday. Amy and I were in Target on the day after Christmas, and we noticed that they already had Valentine's Day gifts out. (And they also had out bathing suits, which seemed really strange to me.)

It seems as though so many people live for the holidays. Yet, I wonder how many people deal with depression and dissatisfaction after the holiday is over. Now, I certainly don't have a problem with enjoying the company of family and friends, going to parties, or participating in any other holiday events. Yet, I think that we need to be careful that we don't focus our lives on the "big days." If we are not careful, our holidays can turn into our idols. Our hope, attention, satisfaction will only be found in knowing Christ. Any other hope will always fail.

So, enjoy the holidays and all that comes with them. But don't live for the holidays. And if you are one that is feeling down and out because Christmas has come and gone, remember that there is hope and joy to be found in Jesus. He will satisfy you.

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