Alora's First Cavity and Filling

I went with Alora this morning to the dentist because she had to have a cavity filled. This was her first filling, so she was a little nervous. On the way to the dentist office, Alora and I had the following conversation:

Me: Are you nervous?

Alora: I'm a little scared of the shot. Is it going to hurt a lot?

Me: Not too much. But it will hurt a little. Do you want us to pray together?

Alora: Of course.

After we prayed, we talked and made jokes for the rest of the time until we arrived at the dentist.

Me: We're here. Are you ready?

Alora: Yes. I feel much better now.

Me: Do you feel better because we prayed?

Alora: I like the prayer and the knock-knock jokes.

Alora's appointment went great. The Dentist and his assistant were so good with Alora. They did everything they could to help her be comfortable. Hopefully, we won't have to deal with any more cavities for a while--through all the candy from last weekend certainly doesn't help.

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