Sloppy Wet Kiss

If you haven't had a chance to listen to DC*B's Church Music, then you should do it now. Even if you have listened, you may not have known that there is a lyric change on the song "How He Loves." The song originally had the lines "sloppy wet kiss," while on the DC*B version the lyric was changed to "unforeseen kiss." In this interview, David Crowder explains, along with other things, why they made the change.


Eric M. Ashley said...

I for one am glad for the change. The first time I heard the original version, that phrase hit a sour note with me.

Lessie said...

I don't know much AT ALL about current church music. A lot to learn. But I'm pretty sure we sang that song one Sunday: I remember that phrase -- and it shocked me to the point of being totally distracted and knocked out of worship mode. I will check out the link. Interesting!