On the Side of the Road

One van + three small children + hunger + rain - gasoline - cell phone = an opportunity to mature in Christ.

So, here's the story. The gas gauge on our van is broken, so we have to track our mileage in order to make sure that we don't run out of gas. (Usually, we try to refill at around 320 miles.) Unfortunately, on our way to pick up dinner our van decided to run out of gas at 290. As the van was sputtering to a stop the girls starting crying and saying, "What's happening? Why are we riding in the grass beside the road? Is our car going to blow up?" After we assured the girls that our lives were not in danger, they calmed down a bit.

To make the situation worse, I had accidentally left my cell phone at home. So, I had to pursue the only option available to us: walk to the nearest gas station. (Did I mentioned that it started raining shortly after we broke down on the side of the road? Plus, I was wearing flip-flops.). After a short walk down the street, crossing six lanes of traffic (Clemson Blvd.) and spending way too much for a gas can, I eventually made it back to the van.

While this certainly was not the way I had planned to spend my afternoon, these events gave Amy and I the opportunity to teach and pray with our girls. As Christians, we must continually remind ourselves (and others) that trials--no matter how large or small--give us an opportunity to mature in Christ as we learn to trust in Him for all things.

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