Discipline vs. Abuse

If we listen to the politically-correct rhetoric of our society for long enough, we may actually begin to believe that spanking is an inappropriate form of discipline. Some people would have us believe that spanking is a form of abuse and it teaches children to be violent. Yet, godly discipline--which includes spanking--is loving, not abusive. In the article, Spanking Stories, Doug Wilson makes this point abundantly clear:
People who do not know how to look beyond surface appearances will say that when you spank a child you are teaching them violence. They say spanking a child is hitting a child, and they are impatient with those who seek to make fundamental distinctions. Lovemaking is not rape, even though the same biological act is involved in both. Executing Ted Bundy is not imitating Ted Bundy, even though someone loses his life in both instances. The difference between child abuse and child discipline is as vast as the difference between unrighteousness and rightousness.
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