Passing By So Fast

Our time in VA has passed by so quickly, but we're had a great time. In case you're wondering here's a few of the things we're done so far.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Amy's birthday with family and friends. It had been 9 years since Amy's been in VA on her birthday. As you can imagine, she shed a few (happy) tears.

On Friday night we went to a high school play of the Wizard of Oz. Amy's sister Tiffany did an excellent job. I can't remember her character's name, but she was the lady who welcomed Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and the Lion into Emerald City with a song...and she sang beautifully. This was Alora's first play, and she loved it. She especially liked the Tinman.

Today, we went with Amy's mom to see the circus in Norfolk. This was the first time Alora or Adalynne had visited the circus. After the circus we went out to eat for Amy's birthday (since today is actually her birthday). After lunch, we went to Amy's uncle's home for a cook-out. Then, after eating, we finished up the day with a game of soccer.

Tomorrow, we'll be worshiping at Amy's home church and spending the day with family.

Then, on Monday, it's back to SC.


Leo said...

I'm glad to hear that you all had a blessed trip. We really miss you. Mean it. I sent you a Facebook update on the latest. Thanks for your prayers. We love you guys!

Tiff said...

eric! :)
we did have a great time with you guys up here :) i especially love it when you make blogs with my name in it :)! made my day. i love you.

Eric M. Ashley said...

I'll try to do it more often Tiff.