The Difficulty of Defining "Love", Part II

As I mentioned in a previous post, "love" is a difficult word to define for a number of reasons. At times we define love as though it is simply an emotion. At other times we equate love with sex (i.e. "making love"). Yet, definitions such as these tend to be reductionistic and/or misguided. So

Instead of attempting to give a single definition of love, in my up-coming posts I plan put forth some of what the Bible says about the subject of love. By doing so I hope to stimulate our thinking about the nature of love. The Bible has much to say about what love is. We'll begin our exploration soon.


Your Wife said...

I know one thing to be true about "love," is that I simply love you!

Eric M. Ashley said...

Thanks Baby! I love you too! I guess I could walk into our bedroom and tell you, but it's also good for us to broadcast our love across the world-wide-web.