Seven Things I Love

We'll this is the first post in a series that will deal with the topic of love. But before we can jump into the subject, I need you to help me with something. Trust me, I'm not going to ask you to do anything too difficult. If you're up to task, keep reading.

Here's your task: Take a few moments and think of seven things that you love. Then, if some of you are feeling extremely cooperative, I'd love for you to place your list of seven in the comment section. You don't even have to leave your name if you don't want to. Once everyone has had some time to at least think of seven things, I'll give you my own list and explain the point of the exercise.

The comment section is open and waiting for you...


Crystal B. Brewer said...


1. Delving into Scripture (It keeps me going.)
2. My amazing husband (God made him just for me!)
3. My two little boys (Heaven's most precious residents.)
4. My church family (I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.)
5. Playing golf with my husband (Doing something I love with the man I love.)
6. Music (The Holy Spirit uses it to minister to my soul.)
7. Ireland (The beauty of God's creation is best seen in that small Ireland and yet its an island great in need of Him.)

Amy said...

1. My Jesus
2. My Husband (the sexiest man alive, especially when he's singing "Jesus Loves Me" in country twang)
3. My three beautiful daughters, Alora, Adalynne, Ann-Marie
4. My family, all you in G-town and Honea Path
5. My best-friends, you know who you are
6. Baking and Decorating cakes
7. Days off! There are never enough of these!

Amy said...

If I could add an eighth one I would say lifting weights, cause that's really fun too!

Eric M. Ashley said...
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Eric M. Ashley said...

Since Amy did eight, I'll do eight also--in no particular order.

1. My wonderful wife of six years
2. My beautiful girls
3. Studying Scripture
4. Seminary
5. Reading
6. Spicy stuff (hot sauce, peppers, etc.)
7. The outdoors
8. Soda in a glass bottle