Davis' Downtown Market

Recently, a local newspaper ran a story about supporting local businesses. Well, I certainly want to contribute to the growth of Anderson, so during my lunch break my family and I decided to stop by one of the newer businesses in downtown Anderson: Davis' Downtown Market. The market had a nice variety of offerings: tomatoes, bananas, cookbooks, sauces, ciders, dairy products, meats, baking supplies, snacks, drinks (in glass bottles!), and more. I imagine their offerings will continue to increase as the weather warms and fresh vegetables become more readily available.

Today, I purchased a few tomatoes, a couple of bottles of imitation flavoring (butter and vanilla), and a Dr. Pepper (in a glass bottle!). If you haven't taken an opportunity to visit Davis' Downtown Market, it is located on Main St. across from Bank of America. Support a local business, get to know some new people, and enjoy a few great products.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Caffeinated Cellist said...

Is this just across the corner from the church office? I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

As for local business, we proudly endorse the "pink taco shack"!

Eric M. Ashley said...

Yes. It is on the corner near the Johnson Building. It used to be a loan office.