Lunch Break Conversations

Today, I met Amy and the girls at the downtown library during my lunch break. After enjoying a picnic together, we spent some time reading books and playing with puzzles. As we were getting ready to leave, a young women stopped to look at Ann-Marie. The young mother had two children with her and she was about five months pregnant. Like us, her children were really close in ages. After talking with her for about 10 minutes, we learned that she had recently moved to the area in order to get away from an abusive boyfriend. Even before I had learned anything about her circumstances, I sensed a need to stop and talk with her. (Isn't it neat how the Lord often compels us to stop what we're doing in order to be a part of what He wants us to do?) Before we left, Amy exchanged numbers with her. I'm not sure if we'll hear from her again, but I know that we will be praying for her. There are no such things in life as mere coincidences. I believe in God's providence. God has a purpose and plan for all things that occur. And even small moments (like 10 minute conversations) are important parts of His plan.

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