End of the Line

So, the Panthers lost on Saturday. Considering the number of turnovers for Jake Delhomme, I'm sure that it wasn't a very good birthday for him. Nevertheless, I'm not going to cast another stone toward Delhomme...he's probably had enough of those by now. But after the game was over I did find comfort in one thing: I am glad that my joy and happiness in life is not contingent on whether or not my favorite team wins or loses. There are probably people who are still depressed even as I write this. Yet, ultimately all things in this life (whether sports, money, relationships, etc.) are going to fail to live up to our hopes and aspirations. Yet, the true joy of life (both this one and the one to come) is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Don't get me wrong, I wanted them to win. I had Super Bowl expectations dancing in my head. But, there is more to life than football...or food or drink for that matter.


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