Staying Awake

Our family decided to leave for Virginia on Christmas night around midnight. Of course, Amy and I were both pretty tired since we had been awake since 6:00 am. Since I was driving, I knew that I'd have to get creative in order to stay awake while driving. So, here's my story about how we made our way to Virginia.

Well, we began our trip with prayer, which is certainly the best way to begin any activity. Next, I put food and drink into the equation. I knew that caffeine was going to be an essential ingredient, so I started things off with a can of Pepsi. Along with the Pepsi I ate some left-over country ham. About thirty minutes later the saltiness of the ham had to be overcome by another drink: a peppermint double chocolate Starbucks frappacino! I followed this with Chex snack mix and candy. Well, once all of these foods and drinks hit my stomach, I realized that I had made a perfect receipe for a stomach ache.

By 2:30 in the morning I knew that I wasn't going to make it without some sleep, so I pulled over at a rest area and slept until 3:30. After my nap, I had enough energy to finish the trip. We finally arrived at 10am.

Next time, I've decided to lay off all the junk food.

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