Roughing it up

Tonight, before Bible study began at our house, all the youth guys decided to tackle me since I was holding a ball. Of course, this turned into an all-out battle in which I was not going to let go of the ball. In the midst of this struggle, Alora began screaming, "Don't you hurt my dad!" After Amy assured her that I was okay, she seemed to settle down.

It's certainly been a while since I've been able to "rough it up" with a bunch of guys, so I had forgotten how much fun it could be. When my girls want to play with me, it usually involves dolls, hair, stuff animals and other girly games. Of course, I love doing those type of activities with my girls, but it was a nice change of pace to lay the smack down on some youth guys!


Through The Lens said...

I'd be glad to come down there and give you good woopin'.

Through The Lens said...

By the way, this is Leo...not sure why I'm using this account to post comments.

Eric M. Ashley said...

bring it!