Sovereignty and Stitches

In a post from yesterday, Sovereignty and Hope, I wrote that "God often has other purposes and plans for us." By this statement I wanted to emphasize that God has planned for us to encounter various trials and circumstances that we are not anticipating. Ironically enough, God chose to bring some of these unanticipated events into our lives yesterday So, here's the story.

I came home late yesterday afternoon in order to finish preparing for a youth event that was planned for the evening. While I was upstairs I heard Alora start crying. But this wasn't a normal cry; rather, it was the type of cry that lets you know that something is really wrong. Before I could make it down stairs Amy let me know that Alora has hit her head on the side of the bed. After seeing Alora's head it was clear that she was going to need stiches. After making a call to Dr. Dale, we made our way to his office.

Yet, while on our way to the doctor, our van ran out of gas. Amy and I both responded with lots of laughter. Thankfully I was able to coast the van into the parking lot of a gas station. After Amy got into the drivers seat I pushed the van to the gas pump. (Just in case you're wondering why we ran out of gas, the gas indicator is broken. And yes, pushing a van isn't very easy when you have to do it by yourself.)

When we finally made it to Dr. Dale's, everything went pretty smoothly. Thirty minutes and four stiches later we made our way home in just enought time to cook pizza before the youth arrived.

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