Evangelism and Church Growth, New Testament Style!

We certainly live in an age of information. We can take in and distribute information in so many ways: Internet, television, radio, books, newspapers, etc. I certainly appreciate and utilize all of these communication forms...actually, you and I are enjoying the benefits of the Internet now! There is no doubt that the Church has benefited from these mediums. Yet, we must not forget that the early Church lived in a very different time and place. Big church buildings? Nope. Flashy Internet sites? Not hardly. MP3 sermon audio? No. Big Christian publishing houses? Not even close. In a sermon on Acts 5:12-32, Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas puts it like this:
But there were no buildings. There was no choir. There was nothing to attract them from an external point of view. There was just the blandness of the apostles and other men and women talking about Jesus. That’s all there was. There was no movie, there were no books, there were no pamphlets or tracts; there were no radio stations. As far as we know, there weren’t any great
preachers, although Peter seems now to be turning into a great preacher. It’s all of God, you see. It’s all of God. This is the Lord’s doing. There are no formulas here; there is no methodology of evangelism that you can discern. They’re engaging in witnessing to Jesus, to His life and death and resurrection, and exaltation to the right hand of God. It’s all about Jesus Christ, and they’re talking about Him! And men and women are being drawn to Him!
Although all of our modern communications can be used to the glory of God, we must never forget this truth: As God's people--those called to bear witness in the world--we must remember that our formulas, methods, or mediums are not what will compel the world to turn to our Triune God. Our primary task is to equip our hearts, minds, and lips with the message of Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and reign.

(If you'd like to read or listen to all of Dr. Thomas' sermon, Prison Break, go here.)

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