Way Too Many

About a year ago Amy and I adopted a dog. The dog belonged to one of our neighbors who didn't want the her anymore...so we took her in. We have a habit of taking in animals. (The last animal we took in, a cat named Petie, died about a two months ago after being attacked by a dog.) Over the last year, we've enjoyed having Spicy around the house. Well, after today, we're going to have a lot more dog enjoyment. Early this morning Spicy gave birth to NINE puppies! Yes, NINE puppies! That's a whole lot of dogs. Granted, we never wanted this many animals, but she got pregnant before we could have her "fixed." So, we're going to have a lot of dogs until they're old enough to be adopted (which is eight weeks). Anyone interested in a new puppy? I'll post pictures soon. They're adorable.


Rita said...

PUPPIES!! We had seven ourselves last year. Had no problem selling them though, because (a) they were beagles and beagles are the cutest puppies ever and (b) they were six weeks old just before Christmas and ... what kid doesn't want a puppy for Christmas?!?!

Eric M. Ashley said...

Well, I hope that we have the same fortune as you. But our puppies 1) are not beagles and 2) were not born anywhere close to Christmas.

They are really cute though. They're going to be big dogs.

Bethany said...

Aww thats soo much fun! Big dogs are the best. We adopted a Saint bernard puppy at Thanksgiving, and she's a lot of fun! Hope yall are able to get rid of them all, cause that is a lot of dogs.