Four to One

As many of you know, Amy is pregnant again. Yesterday, we went for an ultra sound, and I found out that I'm going to be the father of another beautiful girl! It looks like my future is going to be filled with even more dolls, tea parties, nail painting, cooking, and other "girly"activities. I know that some men believe that having a son is the pinnacle of fatherhood. I disagree. I've had people ask me if we're going to keep "trying" until we have a boy. My response is this: While I would have been happy to have a son, I do not feel that I'm missing out on anything. I believe that I am blessed because the Lord has called me to father three wonderful girls. Amy often tells me that she thinks that I was made to be a father of girls, and I believe that she's right. In the future, when some fathers take their sons to football practice, I'll go with my girls to practice ballet or gymnastics...and that's just fine with me.

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